Learning Flight Path to the Stars

At Avening Primary School, we see learning as lifelong journey. Our vision statement, 'Together we'll fly', supports this idea of a journey. Wherever we are on our journey, there is always learning that has gone before, and however successful we are, there is always a further step to aspire to next.

We use the idea of a 'Learning Flight Path to the Stars' to illustrate this learning journey, from 'Take off' and 'Flying in the Treetops', through 'Flying with the Birds' and 'Flying among the Clouds', to 'Flying to the Stars' and ultimately 'Exploring the Universe' - an infinite source of new learning! In class, these steps on the learning journey are often explicitly shared, so that children know from where they have come and where they need to learn next.

Click on the link to see our Learning Flight Path to the Stars